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Praia da Ilha de Tavira


Ilha de Tavira as part of Tavira Ria de Formosa is the closest beach to Tavira town. It is also the busiest beach in the area providing a location for all ages.In the summer it is a vibrant location that the locals and tourists alike flock to. The long sandy blue flag beach is supplemented by excellent restaurants and bars and constantly changing activities.

Ilha de Tavira beach is also the only Tavira beach resort where you can stay overnight. With a 1550 users capacity and 35.000m2 the Camping Park is the  main accommodation unit of Tavira Island. The camping area is covered by pine trees, so shade can be taken advantage of in the heat of the summer. Surveillance cameras and security guards ensure that this a safe place . In addition there are a number of cottages that can be rented.

This beach exudes the wonderful Mediterranean culture for both young and old. It is lively with space to breath and enjoy the multiple activities that are on offer. Eat at one of the many restaurants and bars available and enjoy the typical Tavira sunshine.

Getting There

From Tavira you have a number of options. Take a boat from Tavira itself. This is found next to the fishing boats on Rua Jose Pires Padinha .

Take your car, taxi, feet, bike down to Quatro Aquas about 2 km out of Tavira town. Regular water taxis and ferry boats sail from here across the narrow strait to the Ria Formosa. Then take the short walk across the island to the resort passing past the camping area on the right before coming into the cafe/restaurant area. Or on to the beach itself and it won’t disappoint.



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